30 January 2015
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Press release (26.01.2015)

30 January 2015

We are pleased to announce the completion of the project "Development of microenterprise WEBLIKE PRO Ltd. Oradea through diversification of services", which ran from June 2014-October 2014.

Project objectives:

  1. The general objective of the project:
    Improving economic and technical performance of WEBLIKE PRO Ltd. by increasing competitiveness, creating and maintaining jobs.
  2. The specific objectives are:
    Increasing the number of customers of the WEBLIKE PRO Ltd. company, as a result of online promotion, by 10%;
    Increased turnover by 25% over the next three years by implementing the measures proposed in quality management and computer-aided assessment system;
    Increased competitiveness of WEBLIKE PRO Ltd. as a result of the company's business efficiency by providing tangible and intangible assets;
    Better positioning for WEBLIKE PRO Ltd. by enhancing ability to promote products and services on the market.

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