28 March 2014
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Online advertising, Social Media & E-mail

28 March 2014

Online Advertising

Do you promote in magazines, TV, radio, local newspapers? You know how many people have you seen/heard your ad? You know on what you spend money? By promoting online you know exactly on what you spend that money and you have real-time reports with website visitors, find out how many people saw your ad and whether it is effective for your business...

Online promotion is a valuable economic factor because it is the most effective way to sell a product online!

Social Media

Social media is the new way to talk to and engage with your customers. It's the new way to find out and hear what people are saying about your brand. It's the new word of mouth and THE way of creating dialogue with your customers today. With millions of people online using social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Flickr each day, it's hard for companies of any type to ignore the idea of using it within their company. Managing your social media presence is something that needs to be handled on a daily basis. Social media is timely and in real time. If you only send one tweet out per week, why is anyone going to pay attention to you? If you're not updating information about your company or industry on a regular basis, others are going to beat you to it and users will pay attention to those companies instead. Weblike PRO is experienced in setting up and managing successful social media campaigns to grow our clients' online visibility, choosing the right networks for their company.

E-mail Marketing

According to new studies, e-mail remains the main online activity of any generation. Weblike PRO can design, manage and execute your next email campaign to achieve high delivery rates and ROI (Return Of Investment). Working with Weblike PRO for your marketing campain via e-mail, you will receive a customer account which allows you to view real-time statistics for delivery, opening and reading. With a click on a button, e-mail can be sent to regional, national or global target. Whether to advertise a new product or service, or send a newsletter to current customers, an e-mail can be a very good solution. E-mail marketing allows companies of all sizes to attract the attention of customers or to turn potential customers into buyers. Weblike PRO provides to its E-mail Marketing customers the following services:

  • Custom design templates
  • Full analysis of clicks
  • Programming strategies and campaigns
  • Managing e-mail lists
  • Conversion optimization to maximize ROI (return on investment) to areas of interest
  • Creation, design, copywriting, translations
  • Preparation and development of web pages for entry (Website/landing pages)
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