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Antivirus system

Publicat în 22/08/2021
Antivirus system

Whether it's an office computer or a personal computer, we all want a powerful protection system for them. As information technology has developed, so have computer viruses that can affect a computer in several ways: they can either make it difficult to operate, or they can shut it down completely affecting our activity and leaving us without precious data, pictures with loved ones and any other information present on a computer. Of course, a very handy solution is to use an external hard drive to create a back-up of the data on the computer. But another, even better, solution that we recommend is the use of an antivirus system.

Benefits of the antivirus system

The benefits of using such a system are countless. First, protect your existing data on your computer. Stop being afraid that the moment you open a file or download a program you will come across a virus that will ruin all your work. You can also calmly open links sent by friends without any worry that they might contain a virus, because the system will be protected.

Second, you'll save tremendously because you won't waste time and money taking your computer in for repair, and you won't lose deals or clients because you don't have anything to work on. Not to mention the fact that the entire work will be saved in the computer.

Antivirus system

The role of an antivirus is to create a wall to stop these threats – viruses – from spreading to your computer and affecting your work. It does this by scanning programs and their contents and comparing, in order to identify, the code frequencies present in a potential threat with the code elements written in it (with the role of identification, stopping from spreading and/or elimination).

A computer virus is like an infectious virus: if it is a mild one, it will affect your computer to a small extent; if it is a strong one, of the "Trojan" type, it will do more damage. For an infectious virus there are "vaccines". Such a vaccine is also this antivirus system. However, just as the infectious virus has various strains and can undergo various mutations, for which there is not always an antidote, in the same way there is not always a perfect antidote for the computer virus. Because an antivirus system is neither perfect nor infallible.

An antivirus system is created to deal with certain categories of viruses, hence the large number of antivirus systems on the market. However, as new viruses are constantly being created by individuals or even institutions, there is a small possibility that the antivirus system may not provide sufficient protection. However, we recommend that you use an antivirus system to protect your computer. It is helpful in keeping your data intact, saves you a lot of time and money (which you would have spent recovering your data, cleaning and repairing your computer) and allows you to go about your business hassle-free.