EGLO Romania - Lighting fixtures

Every room needs light, not just to have visibility, but also to ensure a pleasant atmosphere. Besides the natural light that naturally enters the room, there is also the artificial lighting, made with the help of various lighting fixtures.

When it comes to artificial light, reflex reflects the thought of the classic chandelier hanging from the ceiling, but the variety of luminaires is much larger, even for a particular purpose: ambient light lamps, spotlights to highlight certain objects , reading lamps, etc. Various manufacturers of such luminaires are available on the market, ranging from the simplest to the most complex, minimalist or modern design, all depending on customer tastes.

egloromaniaOne of them is Eglo Romania - a member of the EGLO Austria Group - a renowned manufacturer of lighting fixtures with sales in more than 132 countries on all continents, owning production facilities in Hungary, China and India, which means that over 90% of the products are made "in-house". The product range includes over 3,000 indoor and outdoor lighting products, plus light sources (bulbs, tubes, etc.).

We are proud of the trust that EGLO has given us to build the online store, which we invite you to visit.