Facebook allows to hide from timeline former relations

Facebook allows users to hide from their timeline exes instead of blocking

In the future, when you break up with someone, you will not have to see him again in Facebook feed.

When you change your relationship status, Facebook will trigger optional tools that can help you avoid seeing your 'ex'. Any choice you make for blocking a former boyfriend or girlfriend of timeline will also be private.

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In addition to hiding spot, you can also choose to limit access to their chronology. You can also choose to make private images that you are tagged, and can be seen only by those people who are also tagged.

These tools are currently available in the US on mobile. Facebook says it has plans to expand the availability, but will wait for feedback before anyone can use this tool.

It may seem silly, but simply to see less of it an "ex" is probably healthier and much better than of being his shadow or even being deleted from the friends list or being blocked.