The technological novelties of 2015

Similar to the year which just ended, 2015 seems to be rich in technological developments, both for the household, as well as the independent user. This year we shall spoil ourselves with several gadgets which shall ensure a greater flexibility and continuous access to the things and activities we enjoy.

In 2015, companies such as Apple and Samsung are competing to create similar products, yet different by their features. Microsoft is also preparing surprises to its users with the new and improved Windows 10, while the Oculus Rift glasses are catching more and more attention among gamers. In addition to this, the perfecting of the 3D printing is on the list and companies such as Nest Labs, Philips, Belkin or Electrolux are looking forward to launch new smart gadgets for the home.

From the many technological novelties of 2015 we have selected five which are worth further discussion: the Apple Watch, the quadcopter drones, Samsung Galaxy S6, the Oculus Rift glasses and Windows 10.

Gadgets long awaited

 apple watchThe Apple Watch opens a new category of Apple products. It is a device with a touch screen, which, once connected to an iPhone, allows the user to access maps, music, pictures and even messages. Due to a specially designed software, it can be connected to a keyboard in order to be able to send text messages. Also, among its many functions one can find apps which can monitor your pulse, overall state of health and even sport activities. The product is to be launched on the market at the beginning of 2015.

 drona quadcopterAs far as the quadcopter drones are concerned, 2015 is likely to be ”The Year of the Drone”. This is because more and more companies are using drones in order to obtain better photographs or film footages. Currently, the legal status of their usage is regulated upon. However, even in the absence of a legal usage status, its construction technology is constantly updated and improved in order to provide better equipment to those seeking to use drones.

 samsung galaxy s6The new Samsung Galaxy S6 telephone is to be launched in the spring of 2015, bringing new and extraordinary features: an aluminum carcass, with tilted edges (it is still uncertain whether this model shall have tilted edges or only the limited edition Galaxy S6 Edge), NAND memory chips, using the UFS 2.0 technology. This technology can reach huge transfer speed similar to the Solid State storage devices – meaning 1.2 GB/s.

Revolutionary technology

 oculus riftThe Oculus Rift glasses are to hit the market towards the end of 2015 and are likely to revolutionize the video game industry. With a 1280x800 resolution, a sensor for head movements and a 110 degrees visual wideness, along with DVI/HDMI and USB plugs, this device will bring virtual reality closer to the user. All in just 200 grams.

 windows 10Microsoft scheduled the launching of Windows 10 at the end of 2015. This program is intended to remedy the issues we have already experienced on Windows 8. However, an important element to Windows 10 is its flexibility – it will function on various devices: tablets, computers, smartphones and even Xbox. Additionally, the device on which it will be installed will affect its interface for better adaptability.
So have fun at shopping in 2015!