Microsoft’s Continuum for mobile

Microsoft’s Continuum for mobile puts a PC in your pocket

Continuum is now compatible with Windows 10 mobile devices, making it possible to use Windows Phones as computers, essentially.

With Continuum, you can plug your phone into a monitor using an HDMI cable and use apps on the large screen. You can also link a mouse and keyboard using bluetooth.

Continuum for mobile

Microsoft has also announced a Continuum Dock, which will make getting your phone set up with an external display quick and easy. It will also enable connectivity for displays that might not support Miracast. The dock has three USB ports, one HDMI and one DisplayPort, as well as the option to use its own power supply so it will charge your phone simultaneously.

To take advantage of the compatibility, app developers will need to create Windows 10 universal apps, but Microsoft’s native apps and Office Mobile software are supported already.