PrestaShop or Magento

 Magento-logoThe Leader: Magento is leading in e-commerce. It's an electronic „shopping basket”, open-source that offer to online merchants flexibility and control over appearance, content and functionality of their shop. Magento it's a very rich software in applications, and some of the top include:

  • Categorization of clients
  • Targeting promotions and market research
  • Tools for goods suggestion, along with ratings and reviews
  • SEO option (search engine optimization)
  • Multiple payment and transport options
  • Multiple other options

  The Challenger: PrestaShopPresta-Shop-logo is an e-commerce platform, winner of many awards, a huge online community with over 125,000 online stores and an extensive list of features. PrestaShop is growing and gaining in popularity in the United States as a reliable and robust online store. If there is e-commerce platform Magento which to compete, that is PrestaShop. Let's look at some of the top features of PrestaShop:

  • Product catalog management
  • Website management - Search Engines Optimization (SEO)
  • Analysis and reports
  • Localization/Fees
  • Shipping and payments

Trends noticed by Google: PrestaShop vs Magento

Google trends (available for now just in a few countries) shows a comparison between PrestaShop and Magento


As can be seen, PrestaShop grows slowly, catching up Magento in terms of popularity. As hosting providers, we have seen a tremendous increase by PrestaShop installations in recent years. PrestaShop initially had very few downloads in the United States. Most installations usually took place in Europe (especially in France) and Brazil; however, in recent years, the number of requests for PrestaShop in the United States increased. On the other hand, Magento succeeded to become a leader and also had a steady increase. Taking all this into consideration: The gap dropped between the two e-commerce platforms.