Project ARA

With the spread of smartphones, we all started to dream a customizable device

First there was the ARA Project, which seemed an imagination exercise of designers, but then it was taken over by the giant Google. Slowly started to escape images on the internet with the device at different stages of development, but without concrete data or technical specifications, leaving us to dream.

Google team revealed on May 29 a functional version of the Ara Project modular smartphone on stage at the I/O, with the engineer Rafa Camargo. He made a short presentation with a camera module and took a photo of the audience on a device running the latest version of Android. It was a short show presentation which showed the phase where project is located at this time and incorporated technologies so far for ARA to operate.


Google previously had shown an ARA model, but this was a version more like a prototype designed to attract consumers than as a developed hardware. Then was the first time when the company publicly demonstrated camera installation and image capturing.

This could be one of the most amazing demonstrations of the potential of ARA Project, such as understanding the power of a modular mobile device with replaceable parts. The system appears to be almost finalized for the public, considering the ease of the installation process, so that is good news for test planned for launch in Puerto Rico.