The importance of using an antivirus system

Whether we’re talking about the office computer or the home one, we all need a proper protection system for them. As IT technology evolved in time, so did the many viruses which can affect a computer in several ways: they can either slow down its activity, or can totally shut it down and thus affect our activity, leaving us without the data we need, as well as the personal memories, such as photos, movies, etc., stored on a computer.

Naturally, a common solution would be to resort to the use of an external hard drive, in order to create a back-up to the data stored on the computer. However, we recommend you a better solution: to install an antivirus system on your computer.

The benefits of antivirus systems

The benefits of using such a system are numerous. Firstly, you would protect the data available on your computer, no longer having to fear that whenever you download or open a file you would stumble upon a virus and your work would be affected. Also, you would be able to open all links sent by your friends without any concern of them containing viruses as your system would be already protected.

Secondly, you would save both money and time, by not having to constantly take your computer to be repaired once affected by a virus. Additionally, you will no longer have to refuse work offers because you don’t have the computer to work on. Not to mention the fact that your entire work shall be saved on the computer and stored there for your usage.

The role of antivirus

 programe antivirusThe role of an antivirus system is to create a wall which would prevent these threats – the viruses – from spreading into your computer and affect your work. This is possible through the scanning of the programmes and their contents, and by comparing, in order to better identify, the existing code frequencies of the threat with the code elements inscribed within the system (their aim being to identify, prevent from spreading and even eliminate these threats).

An virtual virus is similar to an infectious one: if it is a mild one, it will only affect the computer to a small extent; however, if it is a stronger one, such as the well-known “Trojans”, it might cause severe damages. For an infectious virus, doctors have designed vaccines. This antivirus system is also a vaccine in itself. Nevertheless, a virus can mutate into many roots which means that there might not always be a vaccine to all of them. The same is valid for the IT virus – it might not always have the perfect antidote, as an antivirus system is never perfect nor unbreakable.

Such a system is usually designed to face several categories of viruses, resulting thus in a large amount of antivirus systems available on the market. However, given that new viruses are permanently created either by people or by institutions, there is a small possibility for an antivirus system not to offer 100% protection against such threats.

Despite this remote possibility, we strongly recommend you to use an antivirus system in order to protect your computer. It is very useful in keeping your data intact, saves money and time (which one would otherwise spend on having his computer cleaned and repaired) and allows one to work without additional trouble from viruses.