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Web design

Publicat în 23/09/2021
Web design

If two decades ago owning a web page was reserved only for the initiated, today it is unthinkable to have a business or a company without its own website. A century ago, the big companies demonstrated their power and importance by building the biggest and most imposing headquarters, with bright companies, which remained imprinted in your mind. The bigger the company and the headquarters building, the more important the company was.

Today, the advertising battle takes place predominantly in the virtual space, and the first thing that most new clients get to know is the website and, above all, its web design part. As in real life, the principle that the first impression is decisive applies in the virtual world as well. In a society where the competition is more and more fierce and the pace of life more and more frenetic, companies have at their disposal a few seconds in which they can attract the attention of visitors, before they move on. They are decisive seconds, which make the difference between a successful business and a mediocre activity or, worse, that disappears before it starts.

Web design made by specialists

The DIY (Do It Yourself) trend has not bypassed the field of web design either; the internet is full of applications that allow the creation of websites using pre-existing templates, themes and template color combinations. These sites can be functional, it's true, but they will never rise to the level of an original site, made by a team of professionals, specialized in web graphics, programming, SEO or marketing. A website created by a professional web design team will be original, it will have a much cleaner appearance, more balanced both in terms of color and content, focusing visitors' attention on the essential elements. A professional team will know how to organize both the content and the graphic elements to capture the entire attention of the visitors, so that they want to see more.

Web design optimized for search engines

Did you know that Google penalizes poorly organized websites for the simple fact that visitors leave them as soon as they access them? This should give thought to those who launch their online business without having a well-developed web page. SEO optimization is not only related to the density of keywords in the content of the site, but depends on many more aspects, which a professional web designer knows in detail. Of course, with perseverance and will, anyone can learn these things, but the learning process involves a lot of time, time that is often missing or that you can invest in other sectors of your activity.

The administration costs involved in owning a website are not to be neglected either. A site created by amateurs may cost less initially, but it certainly requires much more frequent maintenance and optimization interventions. Instead, a site created by a professional web design team starts from the start with the advantage of being optimized and integrated media (with social media platforms, etc.); in addition, it will be much more stable, with few or no crush episodes (a fact that often affects the success of an online business).

And last but not least, what gives credibility to a company at the beginning of its journey is authenticity, freshness, the new breath it can bring to the field in which it operates. This must emerge first of all from the company's presentation on the market, more precisely from the website's appearance, which is very difficult, if not impossible, to achieve using templates. So calling on a professional team of web design it can be the winning ticket in the lottery of business success.